Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to the more common questions that we get asked by customers.

What do I do if my Hot Water Cylinder bursts?

Turn off the water main to the cylinder or to the house and then turn off the power. Release pressure out of the taps, by opening up all taps. This minimizes any damage that can be caused whilst you are waiting for the plumber.

Does turning my Hot Water Cylinder on and off, daily, save power?

No, this is not true. See energy.co.za for more info.

Is my Hot Water Cylinder dripping excessively out of the overflow pipe?

Turn off the power to the geyser, open the hot water tap to release the pressure and allow the tap to run for 3-4 minutes. Close the hot water tap and the valve should stop dripping completely. (This applies to non-solar geysers.) If the dripping persists, you will require a plumber. Once test is complete, turn your power back on.

Why do I keep getting scalded in the shower?

99% of the time, the hot and cold water system is not balanced pressure. Hot and cold water must be the same pressure.

What could be the cause of an excessive water bill?

This could be due to a burst underground pipe. Switch off all taps. Check water meter to establish whether the wheel is turning. If so, you are registering a loss. Leak Detection services will avoid the unnecessary demolition, whilst trying to locate the problem.

Can we claim the water loss due to a burst pipe?

Yes you can, by getting a licensed plumbing company to locate the burst pipe and write you a report for submission. (This does not apply to irrigation only the main supply.)

What do you do if you see steam/boiling water pumping out of the overflow pipe from the Hot Water Cylinder?

Immediately turn off the power to the cylinder and run out hot water until the temperature cools down. Cause of fault: Thermostat or safety valve on cylinder malfunction.

Water Saving Tip

Oxygenics Eco-Showerheads

All Oxygenics Shower heads provide a superb, oxygenated shower experience at flow rates below 9.5 litres per minute, saving water and power. You can save up to R 4 000 per year on water and power bills whilst at the same time, helping to preserve our precious environment and scarce resources.

The advanced design and materials means an Oxygenic shower head is guaranteed for life never to clog – zero maintenance. This Shower head has been tested by Eskom.

Please click here to download the catalogue of showerheads (PDF) or click on the document on the left to view it online.